BioAssured™The BioAssuredTM label on a pack of ASCEND Elite proteins provides you with the assurance that your product has passed the most rigourous testing for functionality and quality. This is the BioAssuredTM procedure.


Every batch of ASCEND Elite proteins is validated using the same cellular tests (BioAssuredTM) and molecular fingerprinting techniques used in our research. This provides you with quality  and functionality that is absolutely unsurpassed.


The BioAssuredTM procedure includes testing against minimum standards for:

  • cell (macrophage) inflammatory response
  • muscle cell proliferation
  • HPLC protein fingerprinting


The BioAssuredTM procedure is exclusive and proprietary to ASCEND Elite Proven Sports Proteins. No other supplier of sports protein supplements can provide you with this level of assurance of qualiy and functionality.

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