100% Australian owned and manufactured

Devondale Murray Goulburn is Australia's largest dairy food company. Each year it receives and manufactures approximately 3.2 billion litres or one third of Australia's milk and generates sales revenue in excess of $2.4 billion. Murray Goulburn was formed in 1950 and remains 100% dairy farmer controlled, with over 2,400 farmer-shareholders and more than 2,000 employees. Devondale Murray Goulburn is also Australia's largest dairy food exporter to the major markets of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and the Americas. Devondale Murray Goulburn produces a range of ingredient and nutritional products, supplies the food service industries globally and its flagship Devondale brand is sold nationally.



25 years of protein manufacturing experience

ASCEND was launched in 2007 and builds on Murray Goulburn Co-operative's 25 years of experience in identifying and manufacturing specialised proteins from milk that provide specific physiological responses within the body.




Proven by independent clinical trials at Australian Universities

A multi-million dollar research & development program, that began back in 2002 (and is continued today by a team of full time internationally recognised bio-chemists and researchers) discovered new bioactive components from milk that improve muscle function in humans. This underpins the reason for launching the ASCEND brand, to bring you these unique findings. Find out more about the science behind ASCEND...



Proven by elite athletes on the field

It’s one thing to see results in the lab, and another to understand how these results apply to a range of sport and fitness disciplines. So from before the ASCEND range was commercially available, we’ve been working with leading professional sporting teams and individuals from a wide range of sports as well as with those weekend warriors who just want to take the next step. Find out more about ASCEND out on the field...



Helping you achieve your sport and fitness goals

We believe it’s results that make people happy, and keep them coming back. We’re as proud of the results of our sporting believers, as we are of the results we hear from our customers’ feedback. That’s why we are developing a select list of preferred ASCEND retailers, and have developed this website and other support tools. We want to ensure you get the right advice and the right product to help you achieve your personal sport and fitness goals.


ASCEND - 100% Australian, Proven Sports Proteins





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