Samantha Gash Takes on the Sahara Desert


 ASCEND believer and ultra-marathon runner Samantha Gash is once again pushing her body to the limit in the Racing The Planet 4 Desert Series. The Sahara Race (Egypt) began yesterday. Competitors will cover 250 kms in 7 days and will carry all their own supplies themselves.
Expected stage lengths are: Stage 1 - 40 kilometres; Stage 2 - 40 kilometres; Stage 3 - 40 kilometres; Stage 4 - 40 kilometres; Stage 5 - 90 kilometres; and Stage 6 - 10 kilometres. The Sahara Race will end at the Pyramids of Giza.

The gruelling course is mostly sand and temperatures can reach as high as 50 degrees celsius. Samantha, a 25 year old law student from Melbourne, is one of only eleven individuals on their way to completing the 4 Deserts Grand Slam in 2010.

Samantha has taken a supply of ASCEND Elite Recovery bars and ASCEND Elite Recovery powder with her to help repair her muscles and fuel her body as she covers such an extreme amount of terrain.

‘I only came across ASCEND in January 2010 and found the ASCEND Elite range (the bars, protein shake and Protein Catalyst) have been crucial in allowing me to achieve high levels of endurance, strength and recovery’ Samantha says.

‘The benefits of the products really come across during a multi-stage race and I believe ASCEND products have helped to reduce inflammation and muscle tear. A big bonus is that the products taste great, which makes them easier to consume when your stomach is already sensitive during these races.’



 Samantha Gash, right, competing in the Gobi March race (China) in June this year

 Samantha Gash, right, competing in the Gobi March race (China) in June this year











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