ASCEND Sponsors Hostplus Pedal For Prostate Charity Ride



ASCEND is proud to be a sponsor of the Hostplus Pedal for Prostate. This charity ride will see 12 firefighters from the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade cycle around Australia in 25 days. The team will cover 15000 km in their efforts and are raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer and promoting men’s health and well being in communities across Australia.

Hostplus Pedal for Prostate also aims to promote the positive benefits of cycling for personal health and fitness, the environment and as a social and recreational activity. The ride began in Melbourne's Birrarung Marr on October 31st and will finish on November 25th.

To help the riders in their mission, ASCEND have supplied the team with almost $5000 worth of products. They’ll be tucking into ASCEND Elite Recovery bars along the way, which contain carbs and protein for energy and are perfect for long bike rides. They’ll also have ASCEND Elite Recovery on hand to repair muscle tears and ASCEND Elite Muscle to help condition strong, lean muscles…essential for all the hard work they’ll be doing!
















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