Joe Gambles Wins Port Macquarie 70.3!


Australian triathlete and ASCEND believer Joe Gambles has won the Port Macquarie Ironman 70.3.

After illness prevented him from having a proper crack at the Abu Dhabi Triathlon in March, Gambles has lived up to his reputation and smashed the field at Port Macquarie 70.3, held on May 1st 2011.

Gambles broke away from the field in the bike leg, recording the fastest time on the day. He stretched his lead out even further in the run, leaving an in form Tim Berkel in his wake.


Joe Gambles gave us the low down on his Port Macquarie 70.3 victory and his plans for the Hawaiian Ironman later in the year...


Tell us a bit about the race on Sunday. What were you thinking going into it? Did it all go according to plan?

It was my first race half ironman of the season and my first in Australia for some time. Because of this I was a little nervous but excited to see if all the hard work I had put in over the summer was going to pay off! It was a strong field with the likes of 10 times Ironman NZ champions Cam Brown racing as well as a strong contingent of Aussies. I swam ok but knew that the race would play out on the windy and rough roads of Port Mac. The race quickly split up on the bike leaving four of us out in front through the half way mark of the bike. I felt comfortable and at the 75km mark I sensed fatigue from the other athletes so I made my move. I managed to open up a 90 second lead off the bike which was a nice buffer with many strong runners trying to chase me down. I settled in quickly onto the run and managed to increase my lead to around 4 minutes through the half way. At this point I just tried to remain relaxed and hold form. The last few km's were tough but the energy of the crowd got me across the line.

This is your first big race in Australia in a while. Do you intend to race locally more in the future?

I would like to race more in Australia as there are some great races here and the number is growing all the time. With the world championship races being in the States it's hard to come back home in summer and continue to race domestically. Saying that, Port Mac 70.3/Ironman fitted perfectly into my schedule for 2011.

Tell us a bit about your training routine and how ASCEND is part of that...

I train around 25 hours a week. Some days I train 7 hours hard and some days only 2hrs for recovery. My energy demands vary considerably and so do my protein intake requirements. Generally, I have a Chocolate Recovery drink with water after my first session of the day. I will then have a Recovery Bar before my last session as there is carbohydrate in it which helps me keep my energy up. Before I go to bed I have Protein Rebound as the slower release of the protein in this product helps my body rebuild while I sleep.

What does the rest of 2011 hold for Joe Gambles?

I am now back in the USA and will be until the end of the year. My main focus this year will be on World Championships 70.3 in Las Vegas in September. I will then contest my first Hawaii Ironman in October. There is a lot to learn about this race as it is different from every other race with the conditions that Hawaii throws at the athletes are brutal. In the lead up to these World Championship events I will also race; Rev3 Knoxville, Rev3 Quassy, Boulder 5150, Vineman 70.3, Boulder 70.3 so it will be a busy year! 


2011 Port Macquarie Ironman 70.3
Men's Results

1. Joe Gambles 3:58:15
2. Tim Berkel 4:01:40
3. Cam Brown 4:03:22










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