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ASCEND has been the nutrition partner of the six-in-a-row premiership winning SUFC since 2007. Recently we spoke with their Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tim Leahy, about how ASCEND Proven Sports Proteins have helped SUFC go from strength to strength.


Q&A with Tim Leahy, Sydney University Football Club’s Strength & Conditioning Coach


How many years has SUFC been working with ASCEND and their products?

SUFC began working with ASCEND in 2007 with a trial of 5 players, over a 12 week trial period. The feedback from the players and the results gained were so impressive that the Club took the steps to begin an official association shortly. We are very pleased to still have a strong relationship today with ASCEND.

What were the instantly noticeable changes or affects to the players when they started using the ASCEND products?

The ASCEND products are Australian made and are heavily backed by scientific research. The biggest changes were seen in the way players could recover quicker post session, which resulted in players being able to continue to train for longer periods and harder in season.

Have any of SUFC’s players been using the products for a number of years? What have been the long term benefits?

Interestingly, three of the original players that took part in the trial in 2007 have kicked on to play super rugby and beyond - Ben McCalman, Nick Phipps and Jono Jenkins. I noticed a container of ASCEND Protein Catalyst in Jono’s rugby bag only a month ago when he came back from the Western Force and turned out for The Students. All our players take ASCEND products post-games as part of our recovery strategies. Therefore every player from first year colts through to super players have exposure to ASCEND products.

People often comment that SUFC players are more physically prepared for matches and that their fitness is second to none in the Sydney competition. This preparation obviously comes down to hard work by the individual players but do you believe that hard work coupled with the scientifically proven products by ASCEND has ensured that SUFC has stayed one step ahead of its’ competitors?

Sports nutrition and supplementation goes hand in hand with our game preparation and recovery. We were very lucky to be one of the first organisations to develop a link with ASCEND when they started in the supplement market in 2007. High profile AFL club Hawthorn are also firm believers in what ASCEND products can do for their elite athletes. The Shute Shield is becoming more competitive and we see our use of ASCEND products as a point of difference to our competitors.

Anything else you’d like to add about SUFC’s partnership with ASCEND?

One of the great things we get to do with our close relationship with ASCEND is to trial products before they come onto the market, this helps us to be at the forefront of new advancements in ingredients and technology. The Club is currently trialling two specific formulas, which we are using with greater success.





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