Samantha Gash Conquers Himalayan Challenge


ASCEND Believer Samantha Gash has become the 6th person ever and only the 3rd female, to complete the gruelling La Ultra The High endurance event in the Himalayas.

La Ultra The High, regarded as the toughest ultra-marathon in the world, crosses two of India’s highest motorable mountain passes and reaches an altitude of 17,700 feet.

Samantha, a final year law student from Melbourne, completed the 222km trek in just over 58 hours. She and her crew were forced to take a 6 hour break in the later stages of the race after heavy snowfall and rains set in.


This latest achievement caps off an amazing 18 months for Samantha, during which time she became the first female and youngest person ever to complete the Racing The Planet ‘4Deserts’ series Grand Slam; racing four 250km races in the driest, hottest, windiest and coldest deserts around the world.

Next up for Samantha is the New York Marathon in October and Racing The Planet Nepal in November.

Samantha uses ASCEND Elite Recovery Chocolate and ASCEND Elite Protein Catalyst as part of her nutrition strategy.


 © Nic Davidson (Maybe Tmrw)

 © Nic Davidson (Maybe Tmrw)

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 © Nic Davidson (Maybe Tmrw)


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