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To provide you with an assurance of the benefits of ASCEND Elite proteins, their efficacy has been proven in scientifically robust human clinical trials by independent internationally recognised sports physiologists and biochemists at Deakin University, Melbourne, and University of South Australia, Adelaide.


ASCEND Elite proteins were identified during the discovery phase of our research program where more than 600 highly specialised milk fractions were prepared and analysed. Screening for biological activity using living, mammalian cells focussed on muscle development and recovery. Research Partners were Food Science Australia, and TGR Biosciences.


MG Nutritionals’ extensive knowledge of protein manufacture and advanced protein separation techniques uniquely equips us to deliver you the benefits of ASCEND Elite proteins.


In a world first we’ve taken one step further. Every batch of ASCEND Elite  proteins is validated using the same cellular tests (BioAssuredTM) and molecular fingerprinting techniques used in our research to provide you with quality that is absolutely unsurpassed.


There is strong evidence that not all dietary proteins are equipotent in their effects on various aspects of athletic performance and specific protein isolates can provide benefits to athletes beyond simple supply of nutritional amino acids.

This paper outlines the clinical evidence for the benefits of dairy proteins in sports performance and describes the development of new dairy protein supplements to build muscle strength, and to expedite recovery of strength following muscle-damaging eccentric exercise.


R Crittenden, J. Buckley, D Cameron-Smith, A Brown, K Thomas, S Davey & P Hobman, ‘Functional Dairy Protein Supplements for Elite Athletes’, The Australian Journal of Dairy Technology, vol. 64, no. 1, February 2009




Click the 'Download PDF' button to read the findings from an independent clinical trial, using ASCEND Elite Muscle (Natraboost BLG), which highlights the significantly enhanced signal activation triggering protein synthesis in the body, when taking this supplement immediately post resistance training. This article was published in December 2009.







MG Nutritionals gratefully acknowledges the support provided by grants from Dairy Australia, National Food Industry Strategy and Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation which has enabled this research.

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