On Track for Track and Field World Champs


Lisa Weightman, who competed for Australia at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, is the only female marathoner to be added to the Australian squad for the track and field World Championships to be held in August this year.


Weightman who swears by the advantage she gets from using ASCEND Elite Recovery, competed in her debut marathon in London last year, clocking the second fastest debut time for an Aussie female ever (2:32:22).


Further in athletics and whilst on the topic of the World Champs; join us in keeping an eye on another young lady making her mark on the track, Beijing Olympian Madeleine Pape.


This rising star of the 800 metres has spent the last summer training with ASCEND Elite products, and as others have told her 'she’s looking that much stronger for it!'


Pape flies out this week to compete in the US, and then Europe in her bid to secure a qualifying time for the World Championships.  We wish her all the very best! 


 Madeleine Pape (center).  Photo courtesy of Tim McGrath (Inside Athletics)

      Madeleine Pape (center) at the National Titles in Brisbane, March 2009. Winner of the 800m title.

      Photo courtesy of Tim McGrath (Inside Athletics)


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