The 2010 Season Starts Here for the Hawks


It’s that time of year when trades are being finalised, lists are being reworked and the focus is firmly back on the ultimate prize: an AFL premiership.

That’s right, AFL pre-season training is about to begin.  After only a short break, players will soon be hitting the training track and putting in the hard yards to gain that extra advantage.

For ASCEND sponsored Hawthorn Football Club it’s time to put the disappointing 2009 behind them and get back to what they do best; playing hard, physical, elite level football.  This week sees the return of a rejuvenated Hawks playing group to Waverley Park.

Brad Sewell of the Hawthorn Football Club.  ASCEND believer.
Whilst not quite reflected in last year’s league ladder, Hawthorn has been renowned throughout the past few seasons for its physical strength and tough football.  They don’t come much tougher than star players Campbell Brown and Brad Sewell!

The Hawks have been using ASCEND Proven Sports Proteins since 2007 and earlier this year ASCEND came on board as official nutrition sponsor for the team.  The ASCEND Elite range plays an important part in ensuring the players are at their optimal size and strength and recover fast from strenuous exercise.

The ASCEND Elite products are specialised proteins unique to ASCEND.  They were discovered and are owned and manufactured by ASCEND in Australia.

For all-important development of muscle strength and size in the pre-season, ASCEND Elite Muscle provides the Hawks with a massive boost of naturally intact BCAA’s their bodies need. It is particularly high in Leucine (15.3g per 100g), understood to be the most important of essential amino acids for the development of muscle.

Taking the Elite Muscle in conjunction with ASCEND Elite Protein Catalyst capsules further boosts strength gains and enhances immunity.

When it comes to muscle strength recovery, clinical tests show the unique protein peptide in ASCEND Elite Recovery returns 100% strength to muscles in under 24 hours*.  Taken immediately after exercise it works by repairing micro-tears and reducing inflammation, so that the team can train harder, more often.

‘The players really notice the difference when they are taking ASCEND products, as it promotes a higher quality of training and recovery,’ says Andrew Russell, Head Fitness Coach at Hawthorn.

With premiership players like Rick Ladson and Stephen Gilham signing on for another 2 years and the crucial pick up of former All-Australian Shaun Burgoyne, things are looking up for the Hawks and there’s every reason to believe 2010 will see a return to premiership winning form.


*Buckley, J.D., Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport, 2008.


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