ASCEND chats to Lisa Weightman


Australian Olympic marathon runner, and ASCEND sponsored athlete, Lisa Weightman, is really hitting her stride as she prepares for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Coming off an outstanding 2008 where she placed 33rd at the Beijing Olympics, Lisa has gone from strength to strength this year.

A new coach and a new training plan have seen Lisa win the Gold Coast Half Marathon in July and place 17th in the World Cross Country Championships in Jordan.

Lisa Weightman in action at the IAAF World Championships.  ASCEND believer.In August, Lisa finished an amazing 18th in the Berlin World Championships with a PB time of 2.30.42.  Quite an achievement given this was only Lisa’s 3rd marathon ever!

“It was a dream,” says Lisa.  “The race started, I got into a rhythm and felt great all the way.”

As a result of her performance in Berlin Lisa, 30, has been preselected for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.  “This is the ultimate focus for 2010,” she says.

The Melbourne based runner is currently preparing for the Victorian 5km championships and the Zatopek 10,000m in December which is the Commonwealth Games trial.  In the new year, Lisa will head to Japan to run a marathon in April.  “I cannot wait for that race as my goal is to run under 2hr30m.”

Lisa has been training with renowned sports physiologist and coach Dick Telford since March this year and has seen her running improve out of sight. “It’s a team effort.  Dick is inspirational,” says Lisa.  “I am able to cope with a lot more mileage than ever before and the sessions are very structured around improving my efficiency, which is the key avenue for running the fastest marathon without running out of fuel”.

Another key part of Lisa’s support team is her husband Lachlan who runs every mile in training with her.  “We do everything together and I am the luckiest athlete because I have him to share the journey with.”

In a typical week, Lisa will cover 140 to180km.  This is usually comprised of a track session, a set of longer efforts and a threshold run.  She’ll also do a quite a few easier paced runs and a solid Sunday run of around 30km.

As part of her training, Lisa has used ASCEND Proven Sports Proteins since 2007.  “I use ASCEND Elite Recovery 4 times a week, immediately after my 3 sessions and after the long run on Sunday,” she says.  “This has had a significant impact on my performance as I am getting that boost of natural protein that the body needs to recover from hard training”.

So what’s Lisa’s advice for all the marathon runners out there?

”My experience is that the aftermath of running a marathon is not fun at all.  You tear big muscles just jogging!”

“So my advice is that after the marathon take some time to let your body recover.  It is easy to be excited and start focusing on the next running goal too soon.  In the long run the body will make you stop if it isn’t ready to go again so give it the rest it deserves.  Remember that we aren’t designed to run 42.2km!  And don’t forget about other aspects of your life, let running balance you!”

So whether you are a keen marathon runner or you just want to improve your running leg in your next triathlon, take Lisa’s advice on board.  As one of Australia’s most promising athletes, she certainly knows what she’s talking about.

ASCEND Elite Recovery contains ultra active whey peptide which accelerates strength recovery after exercise.  Consume immediately after training for maximum benefit.

ASCEND Elite Recovery.  Train harder.  More often.


Lisa Weightman’s Top 5 Training Tips

1.  Make it a team effort

2.  Get expert advice

3.  Exercise the 3 P’s … Persistence, Practice and Patience

4.  Listen to your body

5.  Have some balance in your life



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