Muscle Bars

Muscle Bars


ASCEND Elite Muscle Bars pack the same ultra-active protein that is available in the original ASCEND Elite Muscle powder; now in the take-anywhere, use any-time convenience of a 65g bar.



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12 bars X 65g

Muscle Bars


ASCEND Elite Muscle Bar

Packed full of our own, highly refined, natural branch chain amino acids (particularly Leucine), and fractionated whey protein (NatraBoost BLG).


Benefits to You

A delicious chocolate flavour and soft texture makes this convenient bar, a welcome inclusion to your resistance training routine.  Accelerating muscle development in response to strength training.


Directions for Use

On training days maximum benefit can be achieved by consuming one bar immediately after training.  On non-training days take one bar in the morning; or during the day as a convenient snack.

NOTE: ASCEND Elite bars can be consumed in conjunction with ASCEND Elite powders. Bars are designed as a convenient part of a well balanced dietary intake.



ASCEND Elite Muscle bars contain dairy, soy sulphites and tree nuts.  May contain traces of peanuts, sesame and gluten cereals.


Nutritional Information 

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