ASCEND Sport Colostrum is high in protein, low in lactose, fat and carbohydrate and rich in immunoglobulins and growth factors to boost your immune function.

ASCEND Sport Colostrum is a pure, natural concentrated product. It contains a minimum of 20% active immunoglobulins, mainly IgG and a vast array of other bioactive components including IGF-1 and TGF-ß.


500g pack
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500g bottle



Benefits for You

Intensive training programs and competition can place extreme stress on your body’s natural defense mechanisms to the point where it will no longer combat infection. How often do you hear of serious athletes suffering from colds and flu following their events or hard training?

ASCEND Sport Colostrum provides you with high levels of immunoglobulins, growth factors and other protective factors that stimulate your immune system and provide defence against infection. Additional benefits include anti-inflammatory effects aiding your recovery and reducing muscle soreness. The total protein content makes it a valuable source of high-quality natural protein.

ASCEND Sport Colostrum is collected from Australia’s finest dairy herds, and unlike many other colostrum products in the market, is processed fresh, not frozen, at low temperatures and then dried. The proprietary process is unique to ASCEND Sport Colostrum and delivers you maximum activity and stability of the bioactive components.

ASCEND Sport Colostrum is suitable for use by all athletes. It is ideal for athletes with intensive training regimes and those involved in endurance sports.

Recommended Use

ASCEND Sport Colostrum should be taken daily. Add 1 scoop (25g) to some milk or water and shake well, or simply add it to your daily protein shake. To maximize the effect of ASCEND SPORT COLOSTRUM on training days, take the product after training.

Don’t risk interrupting your training program and your quest to be the best you can be. Add ASCEND Sport Colostrum to your nutrition program and stay out on the track!

Pack Size

500g bottle

Active Ingredients

Colostrum (instantised)

Other Ingredients

  • Soy lecithin (for instantising)


If you have a known milk or soy allergy you should seek professional advice before use.

Nutritional Information

Colostrum Nutrutional Data
Natural Amino Acids g Per 100g protein
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