Micellar Casein

Micellar Casein

 ASCEND Sport Micellar Casein is a premium source of slow proteins ideal for perfect protein nutrition balance needed for maintaining your muscle development on light training days.

ASCEND Sport Micellar Casein is rich in essential amino acids to assist your body to replenish and develop muscle while resting. It is low in fat, lactose and carbohydrates. 


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Micellar Casein

Benefits for You

Slow proteins such as ASCEND Sport Micellar Casein are absorbed more slowly than protein sources such as ‘fast’ whey proteins. The body is in a continual flux between developing muscle and muscle wastage. Continual nourishment of the body with essential protein nutrients, combined with exercise, ensures more muscle development than muscle wastage. At times when your body is inactive and in periods of fasting, such as when we are sleeping, it is possible that this balance can swing in the favour of muscle wastage. Consuming ASCEND Sport Micellar Casein slowly releases essential amino acids and proteins into the blood stream, to continually nourish the muscle cells on days when you are not training or even when you’re sleeping.

As acknowledged global leader in the manufacture of dairy proteins for sports nutrition, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with product of the highest quality possible.

Recommended Usage

A recommended serve is 25g (two scoops). The amount of protein supplementation required in your diet will vary depending on your body size and your individual muscle development targets. We suggest incorporating at least one, and up to 3 serves of ASCEND Sport Micellar Casein in your nutrition plan per day.

To achieve maximum benefit from consuming ASCEND Sport Micellar Casein you should take at least one serve every evening.

Add 25g of ASCEND Sport Micellar Casein to approximately 200mL of water or milk and shake until dissolved. ASCEND Sport Micellar Casein is instantised to ensure rapid hydration for a smooth shake.

Pack Sizes & Flavours

ASCEND Sport Micellar Casein is available in two different flavours: chocolate and vanilla. Both flavours are can be purchased in either an 800g bottle or an economical 3kg pack.

Active Ingredients

NatraPro (Instant Micellar Casein)

Other Ingredients

  • Emulsifier (471) (for instantising)
  • Cocoa (in chocolate variant only)
  • Flavour
  • Sucralose


If you have a known milk or soy allergy you should seek professional advice before use.

Nutritional Information

Micellar Casein Nutritional Data
Natural Amino Acids g Per 100g Protein
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