Protein Rebound

Protein Rebound

ASCEND Protein Rebound is packed with quality Australian protein, it's also low in fat and very high in calcium. 

Available for online purchase by the carton (12 x 375mL UHT packs), these convenient, great tasting milk drinks are ideal for active people to grab on the go, after a workout or training session. 

Available in chocolate, vanilla or coffee flavour.

Featuring a blend of all Australian proteins: Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Micellar Casein (MC) - known as fast, medium, and slow proteins.  Protein Rebound provides a sustained, steady release of amino acids to the blood stream; to help repair, rebuild and maintain tired muscles throughout your day.

Product features:

  • 100% Australian Protein
  • 30g of quality dairy protein per serve
  • 99% fat free
  • Very high in milk calcium (*87% Recommended Dietary Intake)
  • Ideal for active people
  • Tastes fantastic!
  • Chocolate, Vanilla or Coffee flavour
  • Coffee flavour contains Guarana Extract and caffeine


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12 x 375mL UHT packs


Protein Rebound

Benefits to You

Protein Rebound contains high levels of milk calcium, carbohydrates and protein, formulated to supplement your normal diet which may be low in energy and nutrients - ideal for people with an active lifestyle. 

With a blend of 'fast' (WPI), 'medium' (WPC) and 'slow' (MC) proteins - referred to in this way due to the time each protein takes to breakdown in the stomach; this product provides a sustained source of amino acids to your body's blood stream.  Amino acids provide a source of nutrition and are essential to the development of your muscle cells.

When combined with a strength training program this product may also assist in muscle strength recovery and the development of lean muscle mass.

Acknowledged as the leader in the manufacture of dairy proteins, we control milk supply from the farm to the manufacture of ASCEND Protein Rebound. This assures you receive product of the highest quality possible, unadulterated with any inferior quality ingredients.

Recommended Usage

Take one serve immediately after exercise. 

Can be used by those looking to supplement their protein intake as part of an active lifestyle.

Pack Sizes & Flavours

ASCEND Sport Protein Rebound is available by the carton (12 x 375mL UHT packs). Available in chocolate, vanilla or coffee flavour.


Product contains dairy.  

Formulated supplementary food. Formulated to supplement a normal diet which may be low in energy and nutrients.  Not suitable as a complete meal food for children under 2 years.  

Nutritional Information

Protein Rebound Nutritional Data
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